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Why not join our team of amazing volunteers who are committed to providing support and contribute to the vital success of Outpost's work, making a huge difference to the lives of members of our Armed Forces Community. 


The support you can provide is highly appreciated and could vary from attending and running events, participating in programs such as Veterans Camp, renovation and remedial work for our beneficiaries, street collections, bag packs, fundays and more.


Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, we also have veterans, family members and civilians.


We have volunteers who have experience in education, retail, customer service, plumbing, emergency services and more. Each volunteer brings different experiences and knowledge to the charity giving a well balance, diverse and accomplished team, you can add to this by joining us.

About our Team

Why Volunteer?

There are many many reasons to volunteer with us, which include;

- Feeling a sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing you have made a difference to the lives of our Armed Forces

- You would be raising vital funds to enable Outpost to continue to provide support 

- You can build your confidence and self esteem

- Volunteering can positively impact on your own mental and physical health and well-being

- You will learn new skills, gain valuable work experience and it can enhance your CV

- You can take part in activities, events and programs

- You will meet new people and make new friends

- You will absolutely have fun.

You don't necessarily need any previous experience or skills.

We will provide training where it is needed and support you throughout.


We do state that our volunteers register no earlier than 16 years old due to rules and regulations within charity law. 


We have three types of volunteers:  

Fancy Joining the team? Start by filling in the form below 

Got some questions? Still not sure? - Give us a call or drop us an email. We would be more than happy to discuss this with you.



Opportunities are readily available and any volunteer opportunities will be posted here as and when we have them.

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