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Veterans Camp Volunteers

Our Veterans Camp volunteers come from various background and have array of skills and qualifications from food to fire safety and paddlesports to abseiling. 

All our volunteers are passionate about what we do and are fully dedicated to help Veterans, they are all outgoing, easy to talk to and like to have fun!

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Kat is the operations co-ordinator for the Veterans Camp. Her role entails making all bookings, preparations and liaison with attendees, volunteers and suppliers prior to the camps.

At camp her role is to ensure everything runs smoothly, carries out tasks such as cooking, in camp activities and assists volunteers and beneficiaries where necessary.

Kat's qualifications include:

CPD - Designated Safeguarding Lead

CPD - Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering Level 2

PDSA - Pet First Aid

MHFA - Mental Health First Aid

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Carl is ex Royal Engineers and he handles the logistics of the Veterans Camps before, during and after. It is Carls responsibility to ensure all equipment and supplies are taken to and available for the duration of the camps as well as ensuring they are all in good working order.

Whilst at camp Carl is activity co-ordinator alongside other volunteers and takes part in activities to support Veterans who may have physical limitations.

Carls Qualifications include:

CPD - Designated Safeguarding Lead

CPD - Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering Level 2

PDSA - Pet First Aid

MHFA - Mental Health First Aid


CPD Fire Safety/Warden

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Veterans Camp - April 2018 (205).JPG


Ellie is an official volunteer within the camp and provides general support to beneficiaries as needed. In addition she assists in operational tasks, assists with and leads activities.

Ellie is an experienced leader in water activities such as coasteering, gorge walking and paddle boarding as well as holding high competency levels and qualifications in instructing in archery and skiing.

Ellie is always up for a good laugh be it on activities, in camp or playing games like Scrabble and she make the most awesome pancakes.

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Danny is the daredevil of the group, always looking for a new challenge, for something exciting and fun. He is highly experienced in his field of Canyoning and has recently published his own book.

Danny takes lead at camps with regards to activities and their organisation, liaison with suppliers and beneficiaries on a day to day basis as well as leading sessions on a variety of activities. 

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Colin ID Badge.jpg


Collin is ex- Royal Artillery and he is a general volunteer in the camps assisting in a variety of areas such as taking lead, cooking, taking part in and supporting others during activities and more.


He is a good listener and has experience in a variety of settings that enable him to understand and help Veterans with varying needs.

Collins Qualifications include:

CPD - Designated Safeguarding Lead

CPD - Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering Level 2

CPD - Food Allergen Awareness

Health and safety at work (supervisors) level 2

Health and safety at work, fire Marshall level 2

Health and safety at work manual handling

Awareness of autism level 2 

Awareness of Mental health problems level 2

0417-121 Teresa Keith ID.jpg


Teresa is the 'Mummy' figure of the camp. Not only does she put out some amazing meals when she cooks but she is qualified and experienced in a variety of care settings.

She is an awesome listener, down to earth and provides good guidance in helping Veterans to manage and move forward.

On the lighter side, Teresa is always up for a laugh, doesn't mind making a fool of herself and enjoys the banter in camp.

Teresa's Qualifications include;

Food Hygiene

Veterans Camp - April 2018 (173).JPG


Ken has been a professional supplier to the Veterans Camps for 6 years in abseiling, rock climbing and wilderness walks. 

He is an amazing teacher, professional but enjoys a good sense of humour and is highly qualified and skilled in his field.

If its going to be your first time climbing or abseiling then Ken is then person to be with.

He is very laid back, gets involved as much as possible in the camp operations and in addition being an activity lead.

Kens Qualifications include:

CPD - Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 2

CPD - Fire Safety & COSHH

MLTS - Single Pitch Award

SMLTB - Mountain Leader Award

BASP - Outdoor Emergency First Aid

Climb 2 (9).jpg


Nick is ex-Royal Logistics Corps and his role within the camp is primarily within Paddle Sports.

Nick owns and lends to us an array of craft for our beneficiaries and volunteers to use and leads sessions on these crafts which include; Stand Up Paddle Boards, Canoes, Kayaks, peddle boats, Body Boards and more.

Nick is highly experiences and has a passion within in his field and holds qualifications including;

- CPD Designated Safeguarding Lead

- CPD Fire Warden


- BASP Outdoor First Aid

- SCA Paddlesport Leader

- RYA Powerboat Level 2

- RYA Dinghy Instructor

- RYA Day Skipper

Veterans Camp - October 2017 (97).JPG
0417-120 Michael Soper Website Pic.jpg


Mike is ex-RAF and attends camps when he can and assists primarily in supporting Veterans socially and in activities.

Mike is 'The BBQ Man' - his BBQ's are stunning, always cooked perfectly on a glorious open fire.

In addition to his BBQ skills Mike is trained and qualified in various water based settings along with extensive knowledge on general matters such as the stars and bush craft.

Mike is very knowledgeable about a variety of things and will help in anyway he can.

Mike's Qualifications include:

Day Skipper

ECB Cricket Coach

RYA Powerboat Advanced



Mick is ex-Royal Logistics Corps and was previously a beneficiary who attended several camps over a period of 3 years. During this time Mick changed his life around with support from our volunteers and other Veterans.

Mick has learnt the ropes of camp operations and has a drive and motivation to help others receive the same support he did.


Having come so far Mick is now enrolled as a Volunteer and will assist in general camp operations as well as assisting Veterans directly and supporting with leading in camp activities. Mick is always up for a giggle and thoroughly enjoys the group banter.​

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