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The Trustees have overall control of a charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do. They are the people who lead Outpost and decide how it is run. Our Trustees use their skills and experience to support the charity, helping to achieve its aims.


Trustees also make sure that the charity complies with its governing document, make balanced and adequately informed decisions, thinking about the long term as well as the short term.

They always act in good faith, and only in the interests of the charity and all trustees remain jointly responsible for the charity funds, its governance and as a whole.


Trustees also often learn new skills during their time on the board and being a Trustee can be very fulfilling.



The Chair leads, drives and directs the charity’s activities. He has a clear understanding of the charity’s interests and ensures our work is carried out sensitively and effectively and that our constitution is upheld. He is responsible for making sure agreed tasks are carried out and primary and secondary objectives are fulfilled.


He guides the board meetings and ensures everyone has their say and that there is full involvement of board members through discussions. He remains impartial during the decision making process and ensures sufficient consideration is given to all items on the agenda.


The Chair is also responsible for producing an annual chairs report and presenting the annual report to the AGM, representing Outpost and delegating tasks to be carried out.

Richard in his spare time, is a self taught artist who creates painting of all kinds from canvas to slate to tables and chairs. 

Carl served in the Royal Engineers for almost 10 years from 2001 – 2010 and was raised in the military

lifestyle due to his father serving 21 years also in the Royal Engineers. 

Whilst based in the UK he was stationed at Invicta Park, Maidstone and Carver Barracks, Wimbish,

where he carried out general duties and took on the role of Store man.

He has obtained many qualifications and Certificates for courses he completed some of these included Team Medic, Class 2 Driving, Chainsaw Licence, Fire NCO and more.

During his service he spent 5 years in EOD (Bomb Disposal). Whilst in EOD he toured Iraq - OP Telic

2005, Afghanistan - OP Herrick 2007 also Kenya  2009 and Cyprus 2010. 

During his service, like all of the military, he found they were more like family than friends and this still continues to this day. He states he was fortunate when he left as he had only received bumps and scrapes. Even though he personally didn’t have any major injury from his tours, he did return with mental issues that he tries to cope with daily.


Carl had friends who were injured and some that didn't come home. He knows the impact being on tour can have and knows there are more military personnel than one can count, who need help and support.


Carl has previously helped with fundraising for charities such as ABF. He attended 161 DF Sqn Air Cadets himself until he was aged 16 then for a short time became a Civilian Cadet Instructor for the same Sqn in 2012.

In 2013 Carl took part in the 57 mile walk and was one of the 4 who completed it. Due to the interest and the support received Carl wanted to make the walk an Annual event, which he did however in the meantime after many discussions - Outpost was founded by Carl and his partner Kat so that they could provide the needed support to our Armed Forces more so in the local area, as there is little if anything in the way of support.

In 2014 Carl started to severely struggle with his mental health and sadly had a breakdown. With Kat supporting him he sought professional help via the GP, CBT Therapist and Psychiatrist.

Over a year later and although managing to some degree he was still struggling and we was made aware of a new charity called Veterans with Dogs (VWD). VWD specialise in providing trained assistance dogs for Veterans with mental health difficulties and their goal is to improve quality of life and help lead independent lives by training assistance dogs in task-specific skills. After seeking their advice Carl decided the best way forward for him was to have an assistance dog and so March 2015 he got his new best friend 'Shadow' who over the period of 2 years was trained to a high level and continually assessed until he passed his assessment to qualify as accredited assistance dog. To this day it has been the best decision he made. Shadow continues to help Carl daily with independence, confidence, emotionally and generally as mans best friend does.

Qualifications & Training:

Certified K9 First Aider (PDSA)


Completed Courses & Experience:

Oxygen Provider (PADI),

Rescue Diver (PADI),

Powerboat Level 2 (RYA),

HF Radio Licence (RYA),

Summer Mountain Proficiency (WORK BASED), 


PVG Disclosure and Registration (DISCLOSURE SCOTLAND)



Kat is co-founder of Outpost, a trustee and Secretary/Treasurer 

Her role of Secretary/Treasurer requires her to act in a strategic manner that emphasises long-range vision, pro-active leadership on key financial issues and policy development that will define and guide the ongoing work of the charity.


The secretary aspect of the role sees her responsible for preparing agendas for meetings, organising paperwork and correspondence, distributing information, keeping volunteers up-to-date, general administration and organising the provision of support as requested.


However the Treasurer aspect sees the her responsible for keeping up to date and accurate accounting records, reporting to the board so they too are informed of the charity’s financial position, ensuring that there are sufficient funds available to meet forthcoming expenditures. Actively seek input and/or approval from board members as to the funds required for yearly programmes, events and commitments. Produce and present financial accounts, balances and statements throughout the year to the board, at the AGM and when requested. Ensure that the charity’s financial policies are respected and adhered to.

Originally from Manchester, Kat has worked in Administration and Retail all her life.She

worked as Supervisor at Tesco and has experience in Retail, Customer Service and Admin. 


Kat has also raised funds for charities such as Children In Need, Blue Peter Appeals and RNLI.


In March 2013, Kat organised the 57 Mile Walk, after realising the need within the military community, she decided the walk should be in aid of a Military based charity where she knew support was in demand.  On the day 32 participants started the walk with only 4 completing the full 57 miles. The event overall was a huge success and it raised a little over £7,400.


The 57 mile walk soon became an annual event with many participants returning and new ones joining however not content with simply fundraising Kat along with her partner Carl decided they wanted to do more... and so Outpost Charity was founded.


Kat's nature is to want to help others but it was also down to her own experience of living with a soldier that inspired her to start the charity. She heard many stories and saw the physical and psychological impact life in the military had on those she knew. Knowing that (locally more specifically) had very little in the way of support, she could contribute to the help of our heroes through means that were not available or have limited availability. 

Since incorporation of the charity, Kat has been a trustee helping to guide and govern the charity to be the best it can be for our Armed Forces Community.

Qualifications & Training:

Business Administration NVQ Level 2 & 3 (CITY & GUILDS),

Retail SVQ Level 2 (CITY & GUILDS) ,

Basic First Aid (WALLACE CAMERON),

Certified K9 First Aider (PDSA)



CPD - Designated Safeguarding Lead

CPD - Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering Level 2

PDSA - Pet First Aid

MHFA - Mental Health First Aid

Kat says "to be able to provide support to our Armed Forces Community is a great privilege and honour, just knowing that however much the support provided is, it is making a real difference to someone's life" 


The Vice Chairman liaises regularly with the Chair to ensure he is always up to date and current about all issues within the charity to be able to stand in at short notice for the Chair. He helps with difficult decisions between meetings, supervises formal matters of the Boards operations and work. He is able to approve the trustees report at year end along with any documentation requiring approval throughout the year.

​The Vice-Chair liaises and consults with the others and assists in carrying out the functions of the charity along with performing any specific duties as delegated to him by the Chair. Acting as a Trustee Nick will help the board ensure that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up and will be actively involved in decision making, meetings and the governance of the charity.

​Richard joined the Army in 1975, completed training and joined the Regiment the Scots Dragoon Guards 1976. 

During his training he injured his lower back due to an accident . He said "When we had room inspections the floor

had to be like a mirror and we were told to put blankets down to stop rubber boots marking the floor. Well I walked

in to the room and went head over heels landing directly on the centre of my back, causing unseen injury to my

lower spine. I had various treatments throughout my Army life and I carried this injury through my army career.

I was in constant pain and sometimes having difficulty walking but I managed to cope. It did show as I tended to

not really take part in Sports, or big activities.


He left the Regiment in 1986 on posting to Craigihall / Edinburgh as part of GOC Staff and he finally left in 1988. He said "It was a major eye opener being a civvy - “you feel like a nobody”

He Joined MOD CY2C2 Whitehall & Harrogate in Feb 1988, the day after he left the Army. Sadly his marriage didn't survive civvy Street and the family was broken up.

For a few years he was in and out of work with Private Security companies, not really settling down at all. He didn’t receive any help from the Army and in a way was very bitter about it. He returned to Scotland in 1990 joining the Scottish Prison Service.


In 1993 he under went the first of 5 spine operations. He said "Operation 1 left me feeling great but within weeks I was back in a worse state. 2001/2003/2004/2006 Saw me having more spine operations. One leaving me with out the ability to walk and in increased pain another gave me the use of my legs but still more pain, the last operation has left me having to use crutches and rely on a Wheelchair. At no time did I get any help or know how to get help from the Army".


He has been told that due to scar tissue around the Spine he cannot have any more operations as he would loose the use of his legs. He is still in a way coming to terms that his condition is deteriorating and that he will be in constant pain and slowly loose the use of his legs. This means his legs will not want to do what he wants them to, so he has to use crutches to get around. He hates using his wheelchair and tries to stay mobile. 


Richard started Fundraising in 1997 for various military charities by doing a long walk along Hadrian's Wall and a 40 Day walk around the Fife Coastal Path but once again had to stop under Doctors orders. He has now been classed as 80% Disabled for the past 12 Yrs. Now settled in Glenrothes he fundraises for Outpost by holding fundraising collections throughout Fife /Tay Side. He has also took part in SACRO Mediator Young offenders, Mediation Team Kirkcaldy which was a Voluntary position and SACRO Landlord Supported Lodgings scheme.


He first herd of Outpost in June 2014 and met the team shortly after at a fundraiser in Kirkcaldy. He liked what he saw and learnt about the Charity and what we do. The fact we are based in the Highlands made no difference as like Richard, Outpost helps the Forces Community and Families where they need it. He watched the charity in work as we presented a young ex-service man and his family with a retreat, giving them the much needed chance to bring their Family that bit closer.


Richard began with Outpost as a volunteer fundraiser and has overtime made his way up to Vice Chairman bringing his knowledge, skills and experience to help Outpost move forward in achieving our aims.


Richard uses Art as therapy for himself and he is now using his ability to produce Artworks as a way of coping. He says "I am a self taught Artist producing works under the name of R.Taiks. I have been lucky with my art being sold all over the world, I currently take up invites and give hands on Art Demonstrations with the biggest being for the British Lung Foundation in 2011 at Hampden Park"..


Richard provides Art Demos for the public and get invites to do work shops all over Uk and for some of the Larger charities. He uses his Art works to help fundraise and as support. 


Qualifications & Training:


Introducing British Sign Language (BRITISH - SIGN)

Art Therapy  (UDEMY)



Nick served in the forces for total of 22 years with Royal Corps of Transport, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

and Royal Logistics Corps.

Knowing the issues surrounding our Armed Forces Community he was keen to give something back to

those who now need it.

Nick joined the Outpost team in April 2017 as a volunteer for the Veterans Camp.

Nick says "I contacted several charities with whom I was interested in volunteering with however Outpost was the only one who I 

immediately felt welcomed and accepted by. Outpost gave me the opportunity to do what I love most (water based activities) and use my skills to help veterans".


Having completed several camps Nick felt he could do more to help drive the charity forward and on 20th November 2019

he accepted the position of trustee. Nick has a great wealth of knowledge and experience, great ideas and the enthusiasm to make a fantastic trustee. He is a great addition to the board and we know he will continue be a great asset.

Qualifications & Training:

Outdoor Emergency First Aider

Paddlesport Leader

Day Skipper

RYA Dinghy

Powerboat 2



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