The Trustees have overall control of a charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do. They are the people who lead Outpost and decide how it is run. Our Trustees use their skills and experience to support the charity, helping to achieve its aims.


Trustees also make sure that the charity complies with its governing document, make balanced and adequately informed decisions, thinking about the long term as well as the short term.

They always act in good faith, and only in the interests of the charity and all trustees remain jointly responsible for the charity funds, its governance and as a whole.


Trustees also often learn new skills during their time on the board and being a Trustee can be very fulfilling.

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Richard Toole

The Chair leads, drives and directs the charity’s activities. He has a clear understanding of the charity’s interests and ensures our work is carried out sensitively and effectively and that our constitution is upheld. He is responsible for making sure agreed tasks are carried out and primary and secondary objectives are fulfilled.


He guides the board meetings and ensures everyone has their say and that there is full involvement of board members through discussions. He remains impartial during the decision making process and ensures sufficient consideration is given to all items on the agenda.


The Chair is also responsible for producing an annual chairs report and presenting the annual report to the AGM, representing Outpost and delegating tasks to be carried out.

Richard in his spare time, is a self taught artist who creates painting of all kinds from canvas to slate to tables and chairs. 


Vice Chairman

Nicholas Dawson

The Vice Chairman liaises regularly with the Chair to ensure he is always up to date and current about all issues within the charity to be able to stand in at short notice for the Chair.

He helps with difficult decisions between meetings, supervises formal matters of the Boards operations and work. He is able to approve the trustees report at year end along with any documentation requiring approval throughout the year.

Nick liaises and consults with the others and assists in carrying out the functions of the charity along with performing any specific duties as delegated to him by the Chair.

Acting as a Trustee Nick will help the board ensure that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up and will be actively involved in decision making, meetings and the governance of the charity.

In addition to his trustee duties Nick is heavily involved in the Veterans Camp where he provides session in water activities.


Kat Hindle

Kat is co-founder of Outpost, a trustee and Secretary/Treasurer 

Her role of Secretary/Treasurer requires her to act in a strategic manner that emphasises long-range vision, pro-active leadership on key financial issues and policy development that will define and guide the ongoing work of the charity.


The secretary aspect of the role sees her responsible for preparing agendas for meetings, organising paperwork and correspondence, distributing information, keeping volunteers up-to-date, general administration and organising the provision of support as requested.


However the Treasurer aspect sees the her responsible for keeping up to date and accurate accounting records, reporting to the board so they too are informed of the charity’s financial position, ensuring that there are sufficient funds available to meet forthcoming expenditures. Actively seek input and/or approval from board members as to the funds required for yearly programmes, events and commitments. Produce and present financial accounts, balances and statements throughout the year to the board, at the AGM and when requested. Ensure that the charity’s financial policies are respected and adhered to.

Health & Safety and Logisitics

Carl Burns

Carl is co-founder of Outpost and a trustee which means he ensures the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit and complies with our charity's governing document and the law. He acts in the charity's best interests with reasonable care and skill, helps to manage the charity's resources responsibly and ensures the charity is accountable.

​In addition to his trustee role Carl is a key volunteer for the Veterans Camp as well as Health and Safety, logistics and stores within the charity. 


Tina Burns

As an Auditor, Tina provides an opinion of how the charity is operating based of evidentiary findings of the charity's processes, procedures, governance and controls.

Through monitoring and evaluation an Auditor reports regularly to the board on how well the charity is being managed and consults on how to improve systems and processes.

The scope and nature of audits can vary, but the main priority is to ensure any issues that affect the survival and prosperity of the charity are dealt with and consideration is given to factors such as reputation, growth, environmental impact, treatment of volunteers/beneficiaries and ethics.


Tina also assists in administration duties alongside her trustee duties.

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