Men of Loch Broom Project

In April 2018 Outpost Charity was approached by history teacher of Ullapool High School, Jemma Middelton regarding a project she was undertaking around WW1.


This project consisted of many parts including the creation of a book and film about the men, a primary transition project with kids from our local area, the building of a World War I battlefield out at Leckmelm,a trip to the battlefields in France and Belgium, a permanent memorial in the village and an exhibition.


Jemma asked if Outpost Charity could help with the build of trenches which we were more than delighted to help with.

Carl soon got stuck in and helped with drawings using his engineering experience, he helped prep some of the trenches at the school ready for the start of the build on 3rd May.

3rd May came and the works began. Carl had help from a local lad named Jack and other locals who were keen to see the project succeed, which was fantastic. Luckily the weather held out throughout the build and 15 days later the trenches were complete. Although it was a push and was hard work, it was more than worth it.

16th May the Ullapool Primary P7 children came to visit.

They not only got chance to look around the trenches but they

also ate rations, took part in a remembrance service with local

people whose family were killed in the war locally and got to

experience what it was like going over the top.

The trenches made it to the newspaper!! Daily Mail.

20th May was the community day over 500 people turned out

to see the trenches, watch the Christmas day truce football

match and learn a little about their local area during WW1.

We were joined by Mick a re-enactor who was a great addition

to the day. He spoke with many people telling them about what

life in the trenches was like, how soldiers lived and coped, the kit

they wore and the weaponry they used.

From 21st May until 1st June the battlefield is open to visit.

Many schools as far as Glasgow will be attending and its

estimated that by time the trenches close there will be 1600 children who have visited the site if not more.

This project has been am amazing experience for us all and we would like to thank Jemma for allowing us to be part of it all.

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"Our Thanks to Mick Hilton for joining us on the Community day and taking the time to talk with everyone!

It was all the more, special 

and interesting with your presence"

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