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Shaun Tobar


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Hi I'm Shaun Tobar,

Singer songwriter and artist on Dr john's surgery records 

and I am based in the West Midlands UK.

I've all ways been into music from about the age of

12, playing in brass marching bands after which in 1998 

I started playing the piano and guitar. This was after a

near close to death car crash, which left me really ill and I 

couldn't work for a long time. 


I've been in 2 bands until March 2014 when I felt it was the right time to go out on my own,

music lives on! my love and passion is music! 

My inspiration is derived from music going way back to the 50's from bands such as the Beatles, Stones' Chuck Berry, Van Morrison, E.L.O, John Lennon, The Commitments, Aerosmith, Snoop, Bonjovi, Guns N' Roses, Oasis, 90's dance and so on.


I was also delighted to be a nominee for Best Male Artist 2017 on radio Wigwam Music Awards.



In 2020 I was asked to be part of a collaborative album called 'Lest We Forget' with the overall aim of raising awareness of the needs in the Armed Forces Community in the UK and abroad and to raise vital funds to support the work of the fantastic charities who are benefactors of 100% proceeds of the Album.


My part in the collaboration was to perform my song not only for the album but for the TV show put on my Dr Johns Underground.


The song, 'All the men have gone to war' was written by Bob Brown, produced and performed by Shaun Tobar


The album 'Lest We Forget is available to download and you can also make a donation. 

I'm honoured to be asked to be a Patron for Outpost Charity.

I can't thank people enough who do a great job in helping our true hero's and their family's giving them the support they need they are true hero's too..

- From Shaun 

"Outpost Charity is delighted to have Shaun as Patron.

When we heard him sing the song 'All the men have gone to war' we felt it really hit home and his voice captured the essence of the song superbly, it was truly amazing to listen to. Shaun is a great guy who wants to help the Armed Forces, he is based in the UK and what better patron to have than one who is growing as we are as charity. Thank you so much to Shaun for agreeing to become a patron."

- From the Co-Founders

Title: All the men have gone to war 

By: Shaun Tobar (and Bob Brown)

Title: Let It Snow

By: Shaun Tobar

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