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Patrons & Supporters

Were so lucky to have the amazing Patrons we do and we are honored and privileged to have them all supporting us.


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Patron of the Charity

Shaun Tobar is a singer songwriter and has an amazing voice. Having recently been supported by Shaun and several other world artists on a collaboration album 'Lest We Forget' we felt that Shaun would make a fantastic Patron.


He is a supporter of our Armed Forces, actively seeking to support those who need our help and being a great man all round and so we asked Shaun to become our Patron to which we were delighted that he agreed.

Shaun says

"I'm honoured to be asked to be a patron for Outpost Charity, I can't thank people enough who do a great job in helping our true hero's and their family's giving them the support they need  

they are true hero's too.."

Patrons of the Annual Walk


Runrig                                     Patrons of the Annual Walk 

Runrig supported the 57 mile walk fundraisers way back when the very first walk took place in 2013. They kindly donated some signed items for the auction which were perfect for the day. Being supporter of Military Charities we asked them if they would like to continue to show their support by becoming Patrons of the Annual Walk and they kindly accepted. Runrig originate from Scotland, and are amazing musicians. It only seemed right to have Patrons affliliated with the Highlands who support the military. 

Runrig was a Scottish Celtic rock band formed on the Isle of SkyeScotland in 1973. From its inception, the band's line-up included songwriters Rory Macdonald and Calum Macdonald. The line-up during most of the 1980s and 1990s (the band's most successful period) also included Donnie Munro, Malcolm Jones, Iain Bayne, and Pete Wishart. Munro left the band in 1997 to pursue a career in politics and was replaced by Bruce Guthro. Wishart left in 2001 and was replaced by Brian Hurren. The band released fourteen studio albums, with a number of their songs sung in Scottish Gaelic.

Since 1999, the band has gained attention in Canada, following Nova Scotian singer Bruce Guthro's entry to the band. In 2016, the band announced that it would retire from studio recording after the release of its 14th studio album, The Story and announced their final tour The Last Mile in 2017. On 17 and 18 August 2018, Runrig performed the final shows of their farewell tour, entitled The Last Dance, in Stirling City Park beneath the castle ramparts. An estimated 52,000 fans attended The Last Dance. 

Christian Around Britain

Christan Around Britain Patron of the Annual Walk 

The main reasons we chose Christian is that he is such a wonderful and humble man. He will help and support anyone who needs it. He is an Ex- infantry soldier of the 1st Battallion, The Staffordshire Regiment, who found himself in a rutt after leaving the army. In 2011 he decided that he wanted to walk the British coast line to raise awareness of Homeless ex- service men and woman by sleeping rough whilst on his travels, and recieving donations to support Help for Heroes. Kat, Carl and the family all met Christian in October 2013 and spent a weekend together and realised what an inspiration he was. Christian completed his walk in 2014 raising over £220,000. Although 57 miles does not compare to what Christian has had to endure we feel that Christian can provide a wealth of experience, knowledge and motivation for us and all who participate in our walking events.

Georgia, daughter of Outpost co-founders made Christian a badge on his visit, she was 7 years old and she felt sorry for Christian that he had given his Sebastian teddy away, so she made him a Sebastian badge, Christian wore it the whole weekend.

Corporate Supporters

Our corporate supporters have been very generous and we hope they continue to be so. We sincerely thank those who have supported us so far.

If your company would like to support us in some way please take a look at our Get Involved information. If you prefer please get in ouch. Thank you 

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