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The definition of a Volunteer states that volunteering is: 

‘when you choose to give your time and energy to benefit other people and/or the environment without being paid for it’

People choose to volunteer for a various reasons, for some; its an opportunity to give something back to the community and/or make a difference to the people around them, for others it provides an opportunity to learn new skills or improve existing skills and knowledge.

All our amazing volunteers are committed to providing support when and where they can and are vital to the success of Outpost's work. Every person who generously gives their time to us is making a huge difference to the lives of our Armed Forces Community.


The support they provide varies from attending and running events, participating in renovation and remedial work, programs, street collections, bag packs, fun days and more.


A wide range and variety of people volunteer for us, come from diverse backgrounds, we also have veterans, cadets and civilians. We have volunteers who are in education, retired, unemployed, employed but each volunteer brings different experiences and knowledge to the charity giving a well balanced, diverse and accomplished team.


As a charity we are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for anyone who wishes to volunteer with us.

Our Volunteers

0615-111 Tina Burns - Pic (2).jpg

Official Volunteer


As an Auditor, Tina provides an opinion of how the charity is operating based of evidentiary findings of the charity's processes, procedures, governance and controls. Through monitoring and evaluation an Auditor reports regularly to the board on how well the charity is being managed and consults on how to improve systems and processes. The scope and nature of audits can vary, but the main priority is to ensure any issues that affect the survival and prosperity of the charity are dealt with and consideration is given to factors such as reputation, growth, environmental impact, treatment of volunteers/beneficiaries and ethics.

Tina also manages recycle in the local area of Head Office which is a massive contribution to our income generation annually.

1218-123 Jill Collings ID.jpg

Official Volunteer - Recycling Fife


Jill found Outpost 2 years ago, when her partner took part in the Highland Hike.


She wanted to get involved to help veterans which includes her partner and so she decided to open a Facebook Group called 'Outpost Charity Group Glenrothes'. The group is set up and run by Jill with the aim of generating donations in the form of goods that Outpost Charity can recycle.


Jill Says "Recycling is a great way to help maintain a clean environment but to be able to do that and at the same time provide items for armed forces members who need it, or items the charity can use to run and some items can even generate funds, which is fantastic"


Some of the items that Jill collects are ring pulls, stamps, printer inks etc and its taken off.  Also Jill's partner started pyrography as a hobby and Jill's ideas for keyrings with the Outpost logo started. Keyrings are made for all occasions, with all funds donated going to Outpost.


Jill works as a merchandiser in various shops and she has managed to get local pubs, cafes etc  involved with ring pulls which is amazing.


Jill hopes she can bring new ideas, some talents and get the word out there about Outpost and looks forward to working with new people and being more involved.

0414-104 Steven Haddow  ID.jpg

Official Volunteer - Support


Steven is originally from Glasgow where all of his family live but currently lives in Inverness with his



Steven works as a Community Operative Worker for the Highland Council and has done

so for several years.


He met Kat & Carl, whilst taking part in the 2013 - 57 Mile Walk. During the 2013 walk, Steven said ”I felt a togetherness as a group that I didn't expect and the show of support from passing motorists as well was nothing short of amazing”.


Although Steven didn't finish the walk he set on returning every year, he has amazing determination and dedication.


Prior to the walk Steve had little knowledge of the impact on those who serve and their families however now having a military connection he understands the need for charities who can provide support. Now he too can help the men and women of the forces.

0417-121 Teresa Keith ID.jpg

Official Volunteer - Veterans Camp Support


Teresa joined the team in October 2016 attending Veterans Camp initially. 

She is a local community nurse but her passion is cooking and wow can she cook.  


We asked Teresa if she would like to join us a Chef for programs and events and she accepted. She is extremely committed not only to her role but Outpost Charity as a whole. Since enrolling she has attended camps and the Highland Hike.

Qualifications & Training:

First Aid


0515-112 Alan McLean ID.jpg

Official Volunteer - Event Support


Alan is currently training as a paramedic and is a volunteer with:

The Highlands & Islands Fire Service,

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency

The Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team.
Al has supported Outpost since 2013 mainly during the Annual 57 Mile Walk and on projects for Veterans.


He is trained in First Aid and more, he likes hill walks and the outdoors. He has family members who served in the Forces and is keen to support Outpost where he can.

0116-113 Linda Stone ID.jpg

Official Volunteer - Fundraiser & Support


Linda has supported Outpost since 2013 mainly during the Annual 57 Mile Walk where she has not only walked it but helped with running the after event.


Linda was a military wife for 7 years from 1977 to 1984. During this time she lived in Germany, Devon and Maidstone. Her husband served with 1st Battalion the Queens Regiment.


Her brother, brother-in-law and nephew have all served in the forces and having a military family background Linda knows how the Armed Forces can impact on family life but also how to help and understand what support is needed. 

She has worked in customer service roles within retail and as a soldering technichian she also have NVQ 2 in Electronics.

Linda started as a fundraiser and raising awareness of Outpost in the south of England and has since become an official volunteer where she continues to fundraise but also provides direct help and support where needed for the Armed Forces Community.

0417-120 Michael Soper Website Pic.jpg

Official Volunteer - Veterans Camp Support


Mike met the Outpost team way back in 2015 when he participated in our Annual 57 Mile Walk. After the walk Mike and the team kept in touch and in October 2016 Mike took part in our Veterans Camp.


Having enjoyed his time at camp and gaining a positive outcome from attending, he decided he would like to continue attending so that he may support others.


Mike served in the RAF and is keen to offer his support, knowledge and skills to other veterans.

Qualifications & Training:

Day Skipper

ECB Cricket Coach


Colin ID Badge.jpg

Official Volunteer - Veterans Camp Support


Collin motivation for becoming involved with Outpost was for assistance with his own Mental Health problems. Once he attended his first camp he felt the he was able to utilise his Army, Scottish Prison Service and Scottish Police Service knowledge to help others. This helped Collin and his own Mental Well Being. He feels being in an active outdoor environment with like minded souls has benefited him and will continue to benefit others.

Collin has become and outstanding volunteer within the camps and is seeking to move forward in his volunteering with a more in depth role in support.


Official Volunteer - Veterans Camp Support


Mick was a initially a beneficiary of Outpost from 2018 for 4 years. During that time he worked and did improve his mental health and confidence not only in helping himself but he gained benefit from helping others. He now has a passion for helping those who need support and guidance in view of helping them progress in their own lives and he did in his. 

Mick plans to use his new skills to help and teach others who are struggling and wants to learn more to continue on his own improvements.

Mick is a fantastic and funny character who will make for an awesome volunteer both in and out of camps.

Would you like to Volunteer?

For more information visit Volunteer Your Time

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