Local Activities

Local Activities begin in 2022, they are a new aspect of our Veterans Camp program however attendees do no need to be registered for the Veterans Camps to register for local activities. We will be implementing new activities over time so please keep an eye for updates.

Local Activities are sessions based throughout the UK and are designed to support Veterans in a variety of physical and mental tasks and activities and skills.

All sessions are carried out in safe environments and are run by Veteran Volunteers and Veteran Instructors. 

Travel expenses are available to any Veteran who is in proven financial hardship, please inform of us of this on your registration.


Kennoway Veterans Shed

Kennoway Veterans Shed is a peer support session designed for Veterans to take part in practical activities with wood work.


The Vet Shed sessions provide a safe environment to enjoy the company of like minded Veterans.


The benefits of the Vet Shed is meeting new people and creating local networks of support, comradery and friendship as well providing the opportunity to learn new skills, share and enhance old ones and have a lot of fun and banter.  

Sessions will help improve social circumstance, mental health and well being and will provide sense of achievement, self esteem and confidence.

As an addition to the sessions, we as a charity are able to provide individualised support. Depending on your individual needs and will assist where possible and if unable we can signpost or refer you to other organisations who may be able to help.

Located: Kennoway, Fife - Scotland

Sessions Days: Every other Tuesday 9am - 12noon and every other Thursday 6pm - 9pm (you will be given exact dates once registered)


Sessions Times: 3hrs approx. 


Sessions Instructors: Colin Ballantyne and/or Pip Dearnaley

Sessions Volunteers: Richard Toole

What is provided: All materials, tools, support and guidance is provided for all your sessions. 

                               In addition we will provide tea, coffee and snacks.

Cost: Free of Charge

How to Register

To register for local activities please complete the form by clicking the Register Now button below and please ensure you submit the supporting documentation requested.


Once we receive your registration and documentation you will receive a confirmation email from us with information and you will be placed on our list and sent information on how to book a session.

Please note: If you have registered for the Veterans Camp and you selected 'Local Activities'

on your form, you will NOT need to re-register here, simply send us an email to let us know you are

interested in attending a session.

Local Activities are proud to be supported by 
The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.png