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Outpost Charity

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Tel: 01854 655 314

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Registered Charity Number SC044790

Outpost Highlands SCIO "Outpost Charity" is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

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We hope you find all the information you need on our website, however if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Event information

Event Cancellation

In the event that participant numbers do not reach our minimum requirement there is a possibility the event will be cancelled.

We advise you not to book transport or accommodation until 6th April to allow us time to notify you if the event is not going ahead.

How much does it cost? What is included in the cost?

If would like to fundraise for Outpost there is No Registrations cost, however we do ask participants to commit to raise a minimum amount depending on the distance you select to walk. We require a minimum of £30 of the minimum sponsorship to be paid directly or via your fundraising page online no later than 5 weeks before the event. This enables us to purchase all the necessary supplies you will need for the event date.

If you would like to fundraise on behalf of another charity there is a Low Registration cost again this varies depending on the distance you choose to walk.. Payment to secure your place is payable upon registration.


There is more information regarding registration cost and minimum sponsorship along with whats included in the costs on our Registration & Prices page...

Please click the button to view the page.


Please be advised if for any reason you are unable to make the event the following applies:

- The registration cost is non refundable

- £30 Minimum sponsorship is non refundable

In some circumstances we can defer your place to the following year so please ensure you contact if you do need pull out.

Is there any accommodation?

Outpost will have a campsite available from 4pm on Friday until Noon on Sunday Toilets will be available throughout; hot showers will also be available.


There are B&B's and hotels however please be advised the prices can be quite high in the summer months and they do book up quick, so if you are considering any local accommodation please ensure you book early.


Please click the link to view the Visit Scotland website.

What should I bring?

We have listed all the items we feel will be helpful for you and items to help ensure your safety... you will find all the information you need on out Event Information page..


Please remember although you will need items for the walk you should not carry anymore weight than you need. Participants start with a backpack full of things they think they will need and within an hour or so they offload their bags to the volunteers. Previously this has not been an issue but with how the Highland Hike is ran there will be no option for volunteers to hold your personal belongings... Therefore please pack sensibly and as light weight as you can make it.

If you have a specific dietry need and are providing your own food, please ensure you give it to the volunteers who will make sure it is available for you.

Please click the button for more info...

Are there any cut off times?

There are no specific cut off times set into place however we have guidance times.

We estimate that it will take not more than 6 hours to walk 25km for the average person therefore we have allowed the following times before it is likely some will come looking for you if you haven't checked in.

25km 7 Hours, 50km 13 hrs, 75k 19 Hours, 100km 25 Hours


If the walk will take you longer than the above times, a decision will be made by the volunteers whether you should continue.. However unlikely it may be that you will be withdrawn from the walk, we ask that if this should happen, you respectfully abide by their decision. The only reasons you may be withdrawn is the following:


1. You have an injury

2. You have fallen ill

3. It will take you more then another hour to reach the next check point


These decisions will not be made in haste but all volunteers have a duty of care towards you and must ensure your welfare at all times.


What do I do if I get timed out? or want to withdraw during the walk?

If you decide that withdrawal is what you want to do then please ensure you do one of the following:

- withdraw at a checkpoint after checking in, ensuring you notify a volunteer that you are stopping, remove your bib and hand it to a volunteer. You will not receive an official or accurate walk time if you withdraw before the end of your selected distance. 


- withdrawing between checkpoint is not advised, if you can make it to a checkpoint then please do.

  • If you cannot make it to the next checkpoint you could, ask the help of other participants, ask someone to inform the next checkpoint of where you are/call them yourself. Stay where you are and Event Support will come to assist you 

Please DO NOT just leave the walk without notifying the volunteers. We don't want to have to call Mountain Rescue to look for you, especially if you're already at home!


If you withdraw from the event one of the Highland Hike drivers/support vehicles will be able to take you back to base however there may be a significant wait time depending on availability of the vehicles.


Please be aware that this may take time so you could have to wait. There will be volunteers at every checkpoint to look after participants, so make yourself known to them and they'll take care of you until you leave.

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route information

Is the route hard?

The route is not for the faint hearted and will most certainly require participants to train prior to the event.

The terrains and weather play a huge part of the level of difficulty of the walk.

Previous participants have said they

"Underestimated the difficulty of the event"

"Walking 10km, once a week is not enough prep for an event like this"

"Walking alone made it harder"

Although everyone is different - every participant said it was harder than they expected and in 2017 of the 20 who took part only 2 made the 100km and one made the 50km

What type of terrains will I be walking on?

The terrain you may cover includes: roads, farmlands, hills, mountains, rivers, drove roads, forest tracks and more.


The actual terrain you will cover is totally dependant on the distance you are walking.

Please click More Info for more information

If I go through a gate do I leave it open or not?

When you go through a gate if it was open when you got there then leave it open however if it was closed then you should close it. In short leave it as you find it!


The use of common sense is also require example. if another participant is coming up behind you don't close the gate on them, it is good manners to wait a second and hold the gate open for them rather than just walk off and let it close in front of them. Let them know whether the gate is to be left open or closed, it is then the responsibility of that person to close the gate if necessary.

What is at the finish lines? and What do I have to do?

The finish line is at base camp.


At the finish line you will see a Finish banner, you must walk under it and keep walking to the end of the funnel. As you pass under the banner one of the volunteers will stop your walk time and when you reach the end of the funnel you will be stopped and asked for your barcode which is on your bib . This will then be scanned in by a volunteer.

Please do not do this at checkpoints - when arriving at a checkpoint please see the volunteer and check in by giving your name and number.

There is also checkpoints on route, please ensure you seek medical attention if you require it also feel free to get some food and drink before you leave.

How will I know where im going?

Throughout the route there are markers which have arrows pointing in the direction you should be walking (Route Markers) On them they will have the letters L, S, R (Left, Staight on, Right) written on them.

When the light fades the arrows on the route sins are reflective which means as long as you have your torch you will see them very clearly.

What will I see on route?

Throughout the whole route there are lots to see from old and historic buildings, to local farm animals and wildlife and of course there is the amazing countryside from start to finish.


On the route we pass through farmers fields and on private lands, some of which have animals such as sheep or cows etc in them. We respectfully ask that you do not attempt to go anywhere near any animal, please take extra care to ensure do not scare or frighten them.


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Can I Fundraise for a non military charity?

The answer to this question is totally dependant on who you have in mind, who they provide support for and what support they provide.

Example: The charity you would like to support is a Village Hall, the village hall provides Veterans Breakfast clubs once per month.


Answer: In this instance yes you can register to fundraise for them but you should send them a letter stating the funds you raise are to be Restricted for the support of the Veterans Breakfast Club only. By charity law they must obide by your request and this ensures members of the Armed Forces community will benefit from your fundraising efforts.

The thing you need to consider is 'is the charity you are registering for providing support to our armed forces community? If your not sure please speak with the charity you have in mind to gain clarification prior to registering.

In some circumstances we may seek further information about your chosen charity to clarify their support area and criteria.

Can I split the funds i raise between Outpost and another charity?

In short No.

When you register as an Individual Participant you do so on the understanding that all funds you raise will be paid directly to and only to Outpost.

This is because It simplifies the publicity, ensures the donors know exactly where their money is going, and ensures there is no confusion between Outpost Charity and other charities. This is particularly true when using social media to promote events, as it is very easy for information to be misconstrued.

If you would prefer to fundraise for another charity rather than Outpost then please consider our other registration options.

However You can only fundraise for one charity at a time.

Why do I need to raise a minimum sponorship? and where does this money go?

The Highland Hike is a charity fundraising event and like every other event there are costs that are incurred. The minimum sponsorship helps us cover these costs and ensure the remaining fundraising amounts can be used to to further our aims and objects as set out in constitution for supporting Military Personnel, Veterans and their families.


To read more about who we help please click the button.

What target should I aim for in fundraising?

We ask that each participant raises a minimum sponsorship amount after that its entirely up to you. Please see our Registration & Prices. For more information.


If you are fundraising for another charity it would be wise to ask them this question as Outpost cannot give guidance on fundraising matters for other charities. However we are sure they will be more than happy with however much you raise, as every penny counts.

What happens if i can't raise the minimum sponsorship?

All we ask is that participants try their best. In previous years some participants have sponsored themselves to boost their fundraising amount too.


Once you start fundraising you will find sponsorship can be gained quite well. We are always here to help you in anyway we can, with anything you need.


You also have up to 4 weeks after the walk to raise online sponsorship. 

Does Gift Aid count towards my minimum sponsorship?

Unfortunately Gift Aid does not count towards your minimum sponsorship target.

Can I fundraise Online?

Yes. Online fundraising is a excellent way to raise sponsorship from your friends, family, colleagues, and via social media.


For donors it is a quick, simple, easy and secure way of sponsoring you.


When you register for the walk an online fundraising page link will be generated and sent to you so that you may set up a page with Virgin Money Giving. It will help with sponsorship if you include pictures, why your doing the walk and information about you. And don't forget send the link out everywhere online, the more people who see your link means the more sponsorship you will get.