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We understand that every year thousands of servicemen and women leave the forces and return to civilian life. It is estimated that approx. 5 million people from the UK have either served or have been part of the Armed Forces Community. We believe that anyone who has served their country and their families should have the best support possible provided as soon as they are in need of it. We aim to provide help for Veterans and all members of the Armed Forces Community when it is needed.

If you are an individual seeking support for yourself please click 'Request Support'

If you are part of an Organisation seeking support for a Client please click 'Organisation Referral'

Who We Support...

Outpost Charity provides support for any person who has served a minimum of one day in any branch of the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force (Regular or Reserve); Merchant Navy (served in conflict) and their immediate families.

Serving Personnel



What We Do...


Outpost Charity can purchase a wide variety of household and mobility necessities, equipment and supplies for members of the Armed Forces Community in financial difficulties.


When we say necessities, it is those items that;

- Are essential 

- Would reasonably be expected as normal for most households

- Is something that a person/family could not live without

- Will improve the standards of living for those who receive it.

For more information or to apply for support please click 'Apply for Support'

Veterans Camp

Veterans Camp is a camping experience in the Highlands of Scotland. Veterans have the opportunity to participate in team building activities and personal challenges, learn new skills, self-help techniques and develop communication skills.


We undertake a variety of activities including walking, abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, canyoning, arts, crafts, sports and games.

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Events & Activities

We carry out a variety of fundraising activities and events throughout the year and we invite you to join us.

Previously we have undertaken;

Parachute Jumps

Bungee Jumping

London Marathon

Highland Hike

Kilt Run 

and much more.

Through these activities we do aim to raise funds but also provide opportunity for our supporters, volunteers and beneficiaries to do something a little different, new or something they wouldn't normally be able to do.

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