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Get Involved

The support our Military needs will never end, there will always be someone who needs the help and support from Charities and its supporters. Your fundraising will help ensure that support is always available to those who need it. Whether this is temporary or for life.

There are many ways you can help make a difference, below are just a few.

Fundraise for Us

Sarah took on the London Marathon and raised over £1000.

Why not take on a Bungee Jump! Challenge yourself and others to do something you have never done before. The feeling of satisfaction of completing the challenge along with fundraising for a great cause is an immense feeling. He did it and raised over £100

There's always a sponsored walk. 5km, 10km, 50km or 100km, whatever your ability theres always a walk to suit it, challenge you and have fun too.

You could do a team event day like co-steering and collect donations for doing it! Make a competition of it, see who wins!

There are so many ways you could fundraise for us.  No matter what you decide to do, it will make a difference to us and those we support. Whether you decide to go big or go small every penny really does count and we more than appreciate your efforts.


If you need help or support, information or advice from us to get your fundraiser up and running, please get in touch.


We will be here throughout your fundraiser and will support you all the way.

Involve Your Company

Why not involve your company.

There are many ways in which companies and its staff can get involved.

We have listed just some of the ways you and your company can support us. Should you or your company wish to support us please contact us we would love to hear from you.

You and your company could get involved in an Outpost event and get sponsored for your efforts.  Maybe your company could hold an event or fundraiser for Outpost.  Events like this can be great team building exercises.


Does your company have  a service to offer. It could be with; free printing of leaflets, providing free advice or give a little time to help.We are open to suggestions and always appreciate the help 



As a company you could make us your Charity of the Year, Donate annually, Make a one off Donation or Sponsor an event. Donations are vital to our success and we couldn't provide the help and support we do without them.

tins 2.jpg

Take a Tin?

Let your staff members and the public contribute

You fill it, we collect it.

Contact Us if you would like a tin

Join Us

If you find you have some spare time and would like to spend it helping others then this may be the thing for you. We have many areas in which your time could be spent and your help and support would be highly appreciated. Please take a look below for just a couple of ideas of how your time could be given.


Please click here to Register.

7 C2.jpg

If you are interested in helping occasionally in your local area then street collections or bag packs could be the thing for you.


We can organise the collection with the council or supermarket, send you promotional items including collection buckets and leaflets or you could join us at one of our fundraisers to lend a hand.



Why not join us as support.


For our big events we need stewards, drivers and general support.


If this is more your thing please click here to get in touch using the Volunteer your time registration form.

or please contact us.

Are you good at making decisions?

Do you have ideas to help progress the charity, its funding or promotion?

Are you able to work as a team?

Can you commit time to support Outpost and the work we do?

Can you lead from the front ?


Do you think you would make a good Trustee, if so please

contact us.

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