Fundraise For Us

Our supporters amaze us with what they are willing to do to help us provide help for Veterans and other members of our Armed Forces Community. We thank each and everyone one of you who  have fundraised for us so far.


Would like to fundraise in aid of Outpost Charity? Yes, then take a look at this page for information, ideas and hints.


If you have any questions contact us on 01854 655 314 or email us at

Fundraising Ideas

80’ Night



Afternoon Tea

Arts and Crafts Fair

Baby Photo Competition

Bad Hair Day

Bad Tie Day

Bag Pack

Bake Sale



Bike Ride

Board Game Contest

Boat Race

Body Wax

Bring and Buy Sale

Bus/Boat Pull

Bungee Jump

Car Wash

Charity Ball

Charity Night

Coffee Morning

Dance a thon



Dress Up/Down Day

Duck Race

Eating Marathon

Fancy Dress Day

Funny Hats Day

Fortune Cookies

Fun Run

Give it Up for a day

Guess the Weight of ….

Guess the name/DOB

Gunge Tank

Head Shave


Left Handed Day

Mini Olympics

Odd Clothes Day

Pancake Race

Parachute Jump

Penny Bottle

Play Your Cards Right

Quiz Night

Race Night



Roller Skating



Space Hopper Race

Sports Day

Sports Match

Static Bike Ride

Swear Box


Teddy Bear Picnic

Three Legged Race


Treasure Hunt

Variety Show


Welly Throw

How do I organise an event?

Depending on the event you wish to do will depend on how you go about organising it, for instance If you would like to hold a street collection, you will need an authorisation certificate from Outpost and you must get a permit from your local council authority on the other hand if you hold a fun day you will need time to plan what your going to do, how your going to do it and fund it etc.

If you need a little guidance please get in touch on 01854 655 314

I’m only 16, can I still fundraise?

Yes, we welcome all fundraisers. Being under eighteen just means that you must have permission from your parent or guardian, and be supervised throuhghout your fundraising by a responsible adult. Children should never be left to fundraise alone or be able to approach strangers about fundraising. It is illegal for children under certain ages to participate in public collections. (Please check age restrictions)

To register your fundraising plans, a parent or guardian would need to complete the form on your behalf.

Do I need Insurance?

You may need to take out event insurance and public liability insurance.

An event insurance company such as Insure My Event, would be able to advise you on the right level of cover required to suit your plans.

The different types include:
• Public Liability cover
• Event Cancellation Insurance
• Travel or Health Insurance
• Cover to meet any contractual conditions
• Damage to property owned, hired or borrowed

Can I get wristbands?

We can send out wristbands free of charge, we recommend a donation of £2 please be advised these are not meant to be given out for free. If you have any wristbands left after your event please return them to us. Outpost will not be liable for return postage costs.

How do I get buckets and tins?

When you have completed your fundraiser registration you will be given the opportunity to request buckets or tins.

I want to do raffle, is there anything I need to know?

If you are planning a raffle, tombola or sweepstake, you should be aware that there are strict rules and regulations about what you can and can't do.

For anyone in England, Wales or Scotland, the Gambling Commission has useful information about these at The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action publishes guidance for Northern Ireland at

Can I use Outpost's logo?

Yes, if you would like to use our logo please contact us in writing clearly stating why you want to use the logo and how you will use it.

We will consider your request and inform you of the outcome and send you logos to use if your request is approved.

We have 2 rules of use on our logos:

1. Do NOT take our logo straight from the internet as they may not be best fomat for the reason you need them;

2. Do NOT change our logo in any way All our logos and images are copyright

What do I do with the money I raise?

We recommend you use lock box to hold monies in as it is safer while running your event and to store until it is banked.

Everybody should be conscious of security and the possibility of theft of cash. We recommend having a receipt book for your own records and to give receipts to people who require them.

After your event: All the money you have raised should be paid to Outpost within 4-6 weeks after the end of your event.

You can pay your money in at the bank into the charity's bank account (this is the best option) alternatively you can bank the cash into your own account and send us a cheque to the value you raised.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is an easy way to help boost the funds you are raising for charity.

Outpost can reclaim tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on the 'gross' equivalent of donations, their value before tax was deducted at the basic rate.You can work out the amount of tax we can reclaim by dividing the amount donated by four. This means that for every £1 donated, we can claim an extra 25 pence on top.

The donor must be a UK Tax Payer that has paid tax at least equivilant to the amount of the donation they are making and they must consent to this by either completing their details on a sponsor form, filling in a Gift Aid Declaration/Envelope.

Qualifying Donations for Gift Aid

Gift Aid can only be claimed on gifts of money from individuals, sole traders or partnerships, in any of the following forms:

  • Cash

  • Postal Order

  • Cheque

  • Standing Order

Gift Aid cannot be claimed on donations from any of the following, as it is regarded by HMRC as a contribution to you rather than a charitable gift.

  • From your Parents

  • From your Children

  • From your Sibling

Can Outpost publicise my event?

Sadly we are not always able to promote events but you can use our social media pages to promote your event through our supporters.

By telling as many people as possible about what you are doing is key to making it a huge success. We also suggest the use of flyers and posters, contacting your local paper and radio stations. Let them know what you are doing and be sure to check if they have an events listings section