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We hope you find all the information you need on our website, however if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.



​All routes are equally stunning, capturing the countryside atmosphere and views.

The 100km is an arduous walk which will need prior training and preparation but also alot of determination. Previous participants have said they knew it would be hard but totally underestimated how hard it would be. So preparation is the key to success.... 

The 50km is hard going and will also require prior training however it is less intense than the 100km.

Whichever option you choose we hope the walk will be a gratifying experience for you.

There will be multiple checkpoints on route to access food, water, supplies and First Aid and volunteers to support you throughout.

The terrain will change and vary. The route includes terrains such as roads, farm tracks, forest tracks, raw countryside and more. It is quite  possible that participants will encounter river crossings, peat bogs, heather fields and more. These types of terrains will surely make the hike all the more difficult and weather plays a huge factor on ground and general conditions. What may seem a glorious sunny day on sea level can quickly turn to low cold temperatures over the hills.

To view the route you can use the interactive maps below. 

Route subject to slight changes depending on weather and land management obstructions.

We stipulate as a safety measure to bring with you the following map/s which covers the hills of the route where tracks are not visible. We cant emphasise enough how important a map and compass could be should you go off route and become lost.

Whether you are walking the 100km or 50km you MUST bring 

* Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25000 or Landranger equivalent Sheet 436 and 437 for 100km participants

For Grid References and locations please click here 

To ensure participant and volunteers safety we have set into place many precautions including:

* First Aiders     * Highland 4x4 Response     * Mountain Rescue     * HM Coastguard and more..  


Although participants can register as individuals we advise as best practice to walk in groups, especially at night or when on the hills. Not only does being in groups act as a safety measure but many previous participants say walking alone can lower morale and can somewhat hinder chances of completing the walk.


Self preparation for participants is also recommended and as good practice which includes training prior to the event, participants have said "they underestimated how hard the route is" and " walking on a Sunday for 10km, simply isn't enough training for an event like this, ideally training everyday for months in advance would have been better"

***** Everyone must bring their confirmation letter and ID

You will receive confirmation letter after registration closes but no later than 14 days before the event


** Map and Compass (or GPS for those who are experienced)

** A charged and switched on mobile phone 

** Torch or Head Torch with working & spare batteries.

Advisory Items - We suggest you do bring these items

** Emergency First Aid Kit 

The kit should include at a minimum:

- Strapping/tuba grip/support

- Dressing Bandage

- Foil Blanket

- Plasters

- Foot Care Kit

Any other items are at your descretion.


** Emergency Food & Water 

- A couple of Cereal/Chocolate Bars/Energy Bars

- A 500ml bottle of Water 

** Other Emergency Items

- Own medication that you may or will need

- A spare, dry jumper or similiar

- Wind/Water/shower proof Jacket and trousers

- Hat, Scarf & Gloves

- Whistle


- Insect Repellant/Anti Histamines

- Sun Cream/Sun Hat

- Spare socks

- Spare shoes/trainers for river crossings

- Mini Towel for your feet

- Foot powder

- Blister care

- Energy Gels/ Isotonic Tabs

- Other food, sweets etc and drinks

** Camping Supplies

- Tent

- Sleeping Bag etc

Please ensure you wear suitable footwear


If you are unsure about any of the kit list or have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch on

01854 655314

If you are camping you will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag etc as this is NOT supplied by us.

100km and 50km participants - the items listed below although not all are compulsory, we strongly advise they are brought for the event. This is for the safety of participants in the instance they are needed. Failure to bring compulsory items may lead to participants being withdrawn from the event.

Participants will be required on registration to confirm they have/show all compulsory kit.


Before registering please ensure you have read the Entry Rules and Registration & Prices. Also take a look at the information contained in the route you are considering. 


When you are happy, pop on to the relevant registration form to complete it. Each participant must register individually. 


Once you are registered we will send you a Welcome pack which contains information you will need, by your preferred method within 14 days and then no later than 14 days before the event we will send you a confirmation letter which you must bring with you on the day of the event.


Before registering please ensure you have read all the necessary information on the website and then if you would like to reserve your charity places please complete the Charity Reservation form.

Find your Fundraiser – Find someone to walk the walk on your charities behalf then notify us by sending us their details  – We will then send your participant the relevant paperwork.

Your participant will then fundraise on your charity’s behalf with all funds they raise going towards your charity.  You (“the charity) will need to provide sponsorship options to your participant – Outpost Charity cannot do this on your behalf.



All potential volunteers should read all the information available and when ready complete a registration form via the Volunteering Page. Once we receive your registration we will send you an information pack by your preferred method within 14 days. 

We ask all volunteers to notify us as soon as possible if for any reason you are no longer able to attend.


Firstly if you have any concerns about your health or if you are unsure you if you should be participating in the event for health reasons please speak to your doctor before doing anything. 

We advise that you should start training at least 3 months prior to the event.

Prior training for an event such as this could mean the difference between success and failure, we cant emphasise enough how much training will help keep you fit and healthy and injury free on event day. Below are some training tips and some simple stretches to do which will help you reach you goal.

Try to have a relaxing evening with a leisurely not to heavy meal and preferably not to much beer! As easy as it is to say but get a good nights sleep. Make sure you have tended to your toe nails and check they are cut fairly short. Sort your bags into what you will carry and what you will leave behind. 

Take great care putting on your socks and boots/ trainers, and walk a few steps to check that they are comfortable, with no bumps and with the laces adjusted to the right tension. Note any route corrections, and make any final decisions on clothing, depending on the weather and the forecast. Empty your bowels before the start (this becomes harder later on as your muscles lose strength)!

For self preparation for an event such as this, there are 8 easy tips to follow which will help you be at your best on the big day.

Whether your taking on the 30km, 50km or 100km by using these tips, taking your training seriously and using the proper techniques, it will help towards a successful event.  These tips will help ensure your your training regime will maximize endurance and increase speed. At the same time it will help minimize the chance of injuries.


1 - Listen to your body.

When your body tells you it needs a rest, listen to it. 


2- A stretching regime.

Stretching exercises are vital to remaining injury-free. If you don't stretch those muscles that work hard, they will tighten up and will lead to injury.


3- Correct footwear.

By buying the best walking shoes/boots with good support will help you on the day.

4- Weight training and flexibility exercises.

Consult a good walking coach or reputable gym supervisor who should be able to layout a suitable regime of exercises for you.


5- The 10% rule.

Ensure that your weekly distance does not increase by more than 10% compared to the preceding week. Going too far too fast will soon bring on tiredness, soreness, injury. If you have a break from training for a while make sure that you start at a much lower level and build up again.


6- Correct technique.

Developing and maintaining good style and walking technique is essential. The best way to develop good technique is simply to practice.

7- The hard-easy rule.

Ensure that every hard workout is alternated by either a day of rest or by a less intense walk. This allows your muscles to recover and recuperate. 

8- Maintain good form at high speeds

Endurance and strength can be built by covering a good distance at least once a week during training. Speed can be increased by regularly scheduling speed workouts such as fartlek, track intervals or time trials into your training regime.


1- Sadly this walk cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 16. Those between 16-18 may 

participate but must be accompanied by an adult at all times who is ultimately responsible for

them and no liability can or will be accepted by Outpost Charity or volunteers for their safety. 


2- Participants under the age of 18 on the date of the walk, must also send a completed consent form prior

to the event signed by a parent or guardian. (We will send a form to you once you have registered)


3- By registering, Participants declare that they are physically fit and capable of walking for their selected distance. 

4- Participants must bring all compulsory items on the kit list. If a participant is found to be without these items they may be withdrawn from the event.


5- All participants must pass through ALL checkpoints for safety reasons and to ensure all participants are accounted for. 


6- The country code must be observed at all times. (Please click the logo to view the code)


7- Participants commit to raise the minimum sponsorship (not including Gift Aid) either in paper format or online and will send at least £30 in to Outpost not later than 5 weeks before the event. Participants will agree to use only the online donation page that is set up for them via the link we send them and not set up a fundraising page on any other platform.


Outpost Charity reserves the right to alter the rules or change the route if deemed necessary.


Outpost Charity's "Event Organisers" decision is final in all matters relating to the Highland Hike event. First Aider and Sports Therapist have right of decision to withdraw any participant from the event if they feel continuing will impede significantly on the health of a participant.


Once you register your place will be reserved. If for any reason you withdraw prior to or on the day or if you are withdrawn for any reason by the volunteers, medical staff or Outpost Charity your registration cost will not be refunded - All registration costs are non-refundable.