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Household Goods

We all need household good and appliances to live, to cook with, for food storage, to eat with and to sleep on etc. We want to ensure you have the appliances and goods you need to feed yourself and family, to maintain an clean and healthy home and overal live a comfortable live as far as possible.

Our Household goods provisions may include:

- White Goods - may include Fridge Freezer (joint or separate), Washing Machine, Cooker etc 

- Kitchenware - may include pots, pans, plates, cutlery, utensils.

- Small Appliances - may include microwaves, hoover, iron etc.

- Furniture/Bed - may include sofa (in certain circumstances), a bed etc.

During your application process we will discuss with you your references and will where possible stick to them.


Where applications are approved we will order goods from our selected supplier directly and have them delivered to you or make them available for you to collect.

As with all our support there are limits to what we can provide, this will be discussed with you after your application is processed and approved.

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