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We all need utilities to keep us warm, light our home, for appliances, to drink and cook and so much more.

They are key essentials in all our lives.

We want to make sure you have access to the key essentials you need and so may be able to help by providing assistance to Armed Forces Community members.


We may be able to provide you with the support you need to top-up or refill your utilities. We do this by:

- Gas and/or Electric - can be topped up by through Key card top ups, smart meters or payment direct to your supplier if you are billed


- Water - In many parts of the UK water is billed separately from that of other bills and we can assist by making payments to your supplier


- Oil - can be purchased by us and delivered to your home this includes barrels or tank fills.


- Coal - is purchased by us direct from the supplier and delivered to you or made available to collect by you locally.

As with all our support there are limits to what we can provide, this will be discussed with you after your application is processed and approved.

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