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Daily Living

Daily Living support is provision in high demand and each year we help many members of the Armed Forces Community who through financial difficulty, need our support. Many of those we help have lived several days without food or supplies and/or have no funds to purchase food and supplies for the coming weeks, often this is through change in benefits, employment or moving into a property from being in sheltered accommodation or homelessness.


We often accept referrals from other organisations to assist in the short term whilst further support is set into place and we utilise referral to help our beneficiaries receive further support.

Daily Living items are those that we cannot live without this includes:

- Food

- Emergency Food 

- Hygiene Products

- Cleaning Products

- Baby Food and Supplies


Food and supplies as stated above are generally provided by means of shopping delivered to your door or made available to collect in your local supermarket or a voucher sent to you in the mail. On average our process from receipt of your completed application to you receiving your provisions is within 1 day and on the interim where needed we can provide takeouts to support you until your comprehensive food shop arrives. We will also include items for any pets you may have so please be sure to tell us about them too.

- Clothing

Clothing will be purchased on your behalf and we will of course request information to purchase relevant items. Where we cannot purchase the clothing items for you we may issue vouchers which will be mailed you to purchase clothing to the value you are allocated.

As with all our support there are limits to what we can provide, this will be discussed with you after your application is processed and approved.

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