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We recognise that it is very important that our supporters have a positive experience, we strive to ensure people have trust and confidence in our processes and this is paramount to continue our work now and in the future.

It is important that we get feedback and appreciate the time and effort you take to let us know about any experiences you have beit good or bad. Complaints, comments, compliments and all feedback provides valuable information and can help Outpost improve.

Fundraising Complaints

Under OSCR's guidance here are the following Complaints Process steps you should follow:

Stage 1 

Complain to the charity directly

You can phone, write or email us at head office to make a complaint.



You can find our address on our Contact Us page

Stage 2

Appeal to the charity trustees

Our Board of Trustees have a legal responsibility to make sure our charity is run well. This includes overseeing our fundraising practices.

If you are unhappy with how your complaint is handled by us so far, and feel the issues raised have not been fully addressed,

you may appeal to our Trustees by writing in to us.

You can find our address on our Contact Us page

Stage 3 

Refer to the Independent Panel

If you're not satisfied with the way we have dealt with your complaint or appeal, you can refer to the Independent Panel which has been set up to manage complaints that cannot be resolved by the charity.

The panel is usually made up of members of the public, donors, charities, fundraisers and with OSCR and the Scottish Government as observers.

Before you can take your fundraising complaint to the Panel you should make sure you have given Outpost a chance to respond.


We are committed to the Code of Fundraising Practice and as such have signed to the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel - Fundraising Guarantee. Therefore should you have a complaint regarding our fundraising you can find more information here


If you are concerned about the way Outpost Charity is being operated, please do contact us or you could visit OSCR's website.

Please clicking here

Comments, Compliments, General Complaints & Feedback

Please contact us, we would appreciate your views.

The ways in which to get in touch are:

*  Leave a comment

*  Email us

*  Write us a letter

*  Call us

All our contact information is available on out Contact Us page.

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