Carl Burns

Co-Founder - Trustee

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Carl served in the Royal Engineers for almost 10 years from 2001 – 2010 and was raised in the military

lifestyle due to his father serving 21 years also in the Royal Engineers. 

Whilst based in the UK he was stationed at Invicta Park, Maidstone and Carver Barracks, Wimbish,

where he carried out general duties and took on the role of Store man.

He has obtained many qualifications and Certificates for courses he completed some of these included Team Medic, Class 2 Driving, Chainsaw Licence, Fire NCO and more.


During his service he spent 5 years in EOD (Bomb Disposal). Whilst in EOD he toured Iraq - OP Telic

2005, Afghanistan - OP Herrick 2007 also Kenya  2009 and Cyprus 2010. 

During his service, like all of the military, he found they were more like family than friends and this still continues to this day. He states he was fortunate when he left as he had only received bumps and scrapes. Even though he personally didn’t have any major injury from his tours, he did return with mental issues that he tries to cope with daily.


Carl had friends who were injured and some that didn't come home. He knows the impact being on tour can have and knows there are more military personnel than one can count, who need help and support.


Carl has previously helped with fundraising for charities such as ABF. He attended 161 DF Sqn Air Cadets himself until he was aged 16 then for a short time became a Civilian Cadet Instructor for the same Sqn in 2012.

In 2013 Carl took part in the 57 mile walk and was one of the 4 who completed it. Due to the interest and the support received Carl wanted to make the walk an Annual event, which he did however in the meantime after many discussions - Outpost was founded by Carl and his partner Kat so that they could provide the needed support to our Armed Forces more so in the local area, as there is little if anything in the way of support.

In 2014 Carl started to severely struggle with his mental health and sadly had a breakdown. With Kat supporting him he sought professional help via the GP, CBT Therapist and Psychiatrist.

Over a year later and although managing to some degree he was still struggling and we was made aware of a new charity called Veterans with Dogs (VWD). VWD specialise in providing trained assistance dogs for Veterans with mental health difficulties and their goal is to improve quality of life and help lead independent lives by training assistance dogs in task-specific skills. After seeking their advice Carl decided the best way forward for him was to have an assistance dog and so March 2015 he got his new best friend 'Shadow' who over the period of 2 years was trained to a high level and continually assessed until he passed his assessment to qualify as accredited assistance dog. To this day it has been the best decision he made. Shadow continues to help Carl daily with independence, confidence, emotionally and generally as mans best friend does.


Qualifications & Training:

Certified K9 First Aider (PDSA)


Completed Courses & Experience:

Oxygen Provider (PADI),

Rescue Diver (PADI),

Powerboat Level 2 (RYA),

HF Radio Licence (RYA),

Summer Mountain Proficiency (WORK BASED)


PVG Disclosure and Registation (DISCLOSURE SCOTLAND)