Outposts volunteers are committed to helping our Armed Forces Community and we always provide the best possible support as fast and effectively as we can.  We wanted to share with you just some of their stories  and some of what our beneficiaries had to say, so you, our supporters donors and armed forces community can see where your help, donations and support is helping us make positive changes to the lives of those we support.

Veterans Camp

Below are just some comments from Veterans who have attended a Veterans Camp. Please click the arrows to read what they said about their experience. 

October 2019 - Veterans Camp
Another camp completed and although the weather was wet, spirits remained high.

There was lots of laughs and banter, support and many new friendships made.

This camp was at a new location and was a more relaxed camp with regards to activities. It was great to catch up with returning veterans and meet new ones, you were all superstars and really made the most of your experience.
April 2019 - Veterans Camp
Another fantastic Spring camp.... this time we decided to use the go pro for pictures and video and they were awesome. Attendees, volunteers and suppliers never stopped throughout the whole camp, action packed is an understatement.. Well done to you all, you are all superstars, you should be very proud of yourselves.
April 2018 - Veterans Camp
The best camp yet! more people, activities, fun and laughter.. and as an added bonus the weather was fantastic... Thank you to Ken as always from Highland Adventures and to Vertical Descents for providing addition activities in coasteering, canyoning and gorge walking. You are all a great addition to the camps and we are looking forward to you all joining us again
October 2017 - Veterans Camp
This camp was one of the most fun experiences to date. There were more laughs than ever before, more activities and attendees pushed themselves achieving much more than they realised and making many new friends. Thank you to you all for attending, we look forward to hosting you in the future.
April 2017 (2) - Veterans Camp
April is always action packed and this camp was no different. Various activities were provided, veterans took part in team building tasks too. It was fun, with lots of banter and achievements. Attendees should be proud of their achievements.
April 2017 (1) - Veterans Camp
Yet another amazing time at camp, the weather was kind to us and those who attended were all amazing, they took part in new activities and learnt new things from each other which was fab! As always there was plenty of fun and laughter a long the way.
October 2016 - Veterans Camp
A great time was had by all. The weather was fantastic apart from there was no wind to fly the kites, but that didn't stop the group from trying which was hilarious in itself... The attendees were all amazing, they worked as a team, they pushed themselves, they supported and helped each other, tried new things from toasting a marshmallow to fire lighting and there was plenty of fun and laughter a long the way. The outpost team are so proud of all those who attended..
April 2016 - Veterans Camp
Our first ever Veterans Camp was small but funfilled, with many activities. The campsite was a stunning location with all activities in easy reach. The veterans attending made full use of the experience and got stuck into the activities provided. Thank you to Ken from Highland Adventures for supporting the camps and we look forward to working together again in the near future.
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MJA - Oct 19

"Thank you so much for putting up with this old pain once more. Although the weather tried it's best to hinder us, we still managed some great activities and spirits were not dampened. It was good to sleep in my own bed again without 16 layers of clothing on, though. Hearing some of the stories of the other lads around the campfire was heartbreaking in one way and very positive in another. It told me how lucky I am to have gotten away with it relatively lightly. It also let me know the true value of what you contribute to the lives of others. Thank you once again" MJA - Oct 19

SMc​ - Oct 19

"A journey through two years of physical restraint through injuries, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). From Full Medical Discharge to attempting to rebuild a life. OUTPOST Veterans Camp - October 2019 has enabled me to look at what I can achieve in a safe, secure and welcoming environment among Veterans who are exactly like me"

MP - Apr 18

"I attended camp as I felt that I would love to meet like-minded people, even before I arrived I was made welcome and it just got better each day, no pressure, no being judged or feeling like an outcast, everyone was so welcoming and the whole experience was a joy, I would love to go back as a volunteer and help, thank you all the team as well as those of us who thought nobody cared also a big thanks for all the hard work, see you"

MT - Oct 16

"Thanks to the outpost team for giving me the opportunity to attend their veterans camp. I had a great time met good people got stuck into some indoor and outdoor activities all in a beautiful part of the world. Thank you again"

LJ - Apr 17

"Excellently run camp and activities....Couldn't ask for a better experience The organisation was 1st class and the activities well run from start to finish"

KL - Apr 18

"What an amazing week we have had, thank you so much you guys are the best. Full of fun and of course great banter. highly recommend the veterans camp for anyone looking to relax but enjoy some outdoor activities too, I never thought I would get the chance to again. X"

BM - Apr 17

"What can I say, very apprehensive about the camp. The team soon put me at ease, so supportive, I couldn't fault the weekend, food and activities absolutely brilliant. There isn't anything I would change. Would recommend this to anyone needing support, it has set me on a path and shown me I am not the only one going through the issues I have. Thank you just isn't enough"

OA - Apr 18

"I have a lot of difficulties but the outpost charity went out of their way to ensure I had an enjoyable experience although I couldn't do a lot of the things I would of liked to I still enjoyed it especially the company Thank you one and all x" ​​

DC - Oct 16

"The Outpost staff have given me hope and a goal all year. It's kept me going through some dark times. The camp I attended was brilliant, relaxed, calm, a real get away from life. The fire pit evenings will be a memory that will hold me fast. Thanks to all the hardworking staff for all their help and support and for the challenges"

MJ - Oct 17

"The veterans camp takes weeks to put together and the time and effort you as a group and team put into it to make sure everyone has a great time and support us to achieve some of the things we never knew we were able to do"

MT - Oct 17

Just a line express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful weekend camp. Sure, I found it challenging and that was the best part for me. I met some great people whose company I really enjoyed. It has reminded me that whatever happened in the past, mistakes, injuries etc, that I have to make the rest of my life the best of my life"

Necessities & Supplies Support

Veteran - CM0619
This veteran was in a transition of receiving benefits and had very little income. With no gas, electric or food - Outpost was contacted. After confirming eligibility food vouchers were arranged and a top up of gas and electricity until their first pay day in 7 days time.
Veteran - DP0419
Support was provided to this veteran, who through illness of one of the children was unable to work. With long term medical care needed for their child this Veteran set about establishing benefits but in the meantime had very limited income. Outpost provided food and necessities for the duration between application and receipt of benefits, alleviating stress of finances and providing for the family, in such a worrying time, enabling full attention to be paid to the child who needed it.
Veteran - SM0119
This Veteran had been struggling financially and his debt was building up. With no heating oil, no funds to purchase oil and temperatures at the time his area averaging around -7 - 4 degrees, something had to be done quickly especially as he has children and his partner with physical disabilities living in the house with no heating. Outpost trustees agreed to make arrangements for immediate delivery of oil. We referred the veteran get financial advice to help to support him in the long term
Veteran - MA1218
This Veteran has recently moved into his own flat and had managed to buy alot of the necessities he needed however there were a few appliances he needed. Outpost was able to provide him with a washing machine, cooker and fridge freezer which ensure he has the facilities he needs moving forward and for his children when they visit.
Veteran - TS0418
This gent suffers with PTSD amongst other issues and due to recently being out of work his finances were pretty dire. Outpost was able to help provide food vouchers for several weeks until benefits were set into place. Ongoing support is being provided during what for this gent and his family is a very difficult time.
Veteran - LR0118
Due to financial difficulties this veteran had no gas or electric. We immediately organised a top up of both utilities and provided ongoing support until his finances were back into place.
Veteran - CA0617
Veteran - MW0517
This veteran contacted us as they were needing help purchasing a sofa. The reasons for this we are unable to disclose however Outpost arranged for a sofa to be delivered today. Here's what they said
"On behalf of me and my kids I can't thank Outpost enough, for the last week my kids had to sit on the floor. Next week when they come, they will have a brand new suite to sit on. Thank you very much guys!"
Veteran - Robert
Whilst living with his parents, Robert was able to gain enough funds to get himself a flat and some furniture, however he was finding it difficult to pay for a van to move the items from his parents to the flat and to buy basic appliances, other furniture and items to get himself set up. Outpost helped by organising a removal man and van, items such as TV, Curtains, Bedding, appliances and a good size food and supplies shop to give him a good start in his new flat!
Veteran - BT0916
Having recently gained custody of his children and being unable to work due to PTSD, this veteran was in the process of having benefits set up but was severely struggling to make his money stretch enough for everthing. Outpost provided interim support with food, clothing and school uniform for the children until benefit payments begun.
Veteran - BR0916
This veteran suffers with degenerative disc disease and arthritis throughout his body accompanied with other medical issues. As a result he cannot sleep in the same bed as his wife and has been for the last 9 months sleeping on the sofa. Outpost arrange for the old bed to be removed and the 2 new beds, one being a mobility bed, to be delivered. Thankfully no more sleeping on the sofa!
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"What can I say? Their wonderful work and amazing friendship and support mean far, far more than I can put into words. Medals all round!" LP

"Guys you've been amazing xx felt totally let down by other charities 4 weeks in .... 48 hours for Outpost!!!" SM


"I really want to say a massive thank you for helping me and my family in our desperate time of need. Unbelievable support in such a short time of speaking with them. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts you are amazing people." TS


"There are no words to Thank You enough for all your hard work which will make so much difference to me" MA



"Thanks to Outpost. Without their support I would still be hand washing clothes today. One night whilst washing my children’s clothes my washing machine broke. With very little income due to not working and caring for our youngest child who is seriously ill with a Brain Injury, it meant we couldn’t afford to buy one. Outpost lent me a sympathetic ear and after myself filling the forms out, was told that this wonderful charity would be willing to help. When the machine arrived the next day, it was plumbed in and I had a load of washing in 20 minutes after receiving it. To me and my family it felt like Christmas. I would like to say a huge Thank You on behalf of my family for the help received and am eternally grateful" BP



“I feel by helping others I am helping myself, something as simple as having the opportunity to talk people in similar situations to me or with people who understand me, makes a huge difference. The team were amazing and they gave me support I felt I needed and the opportunity to join them in their events. Attending their events means I can have contact with others who suffer with PTSD and it gives me time to talk to them, which I feel helps me  and I hope it helps them too” TD



"I received a wheelchair courtesy of Outpost a few weeks ago. Before I received it I couldn't walk for more that 10-15 minutes, and even then without being very slow, with frequent rests and the inevitable increase in pain that could last for days. Now I can go out with my partner. To shops, to the cinema, to visit people and places that were closed off to me. Is it a life saver? No. But it is a sanity saver."PL



"Just a line  express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful weekend camp. Sure, I found it challenging and that was the best part for me. I met some great people whose company I really enjoyed. It has reminded me that whatever happened in the past, mistakes, injuries etc, that I have to make the rest of my life the best of my life"MT

From Our Supporters

"A cause worth your support they give nothing less than 100 percent to all they do a great bunch of people" MR


"Great bunch of guys from all different aspects always there when you need someone or something . Proud of each and every one of them and their helpers keep up the fantastic job" KC


"The openness, acceptance, non-judgement, commitment, professionalism and love of what they do" DN


"A great charity and go back and beyond to help those in need" SL

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