Outpost Charity is the creation of Co-Founders Carl Burns, a veteran of 10 years in the Royal Engineers and his partner Kat Hindle.

In 2013, already knowing the need for support within the Armed Forces due to their own experiences, they jointly organised a 57 mile sponsored walk in aid of a military charity. During the research process they came to find that in Scotland; more specifically the Highlands, there was little support available for our Armed Forces. Realising this inspired them to create Outpost Charity. 

Since 2014 Outpost Charity has helped veterans, servicemen/women and their families cope with and manage issues they are experiencing through programs and direct support.


Programs we offer, give opportunity to gain confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and encourage and motivate towards integration and socialisation. 

The alternative therapy we provide uses concepts that possess a potential to significantly aid in the treatment of Mental Illnesses, in combination with standard therapies. 

Direct support is provided through the provision of necessities acts as a bridging system whilst further support is set into place. This enables those in financial hardship to rebuild and work though difficulties with the aim of reaching a financial balance that is manageable for the longer term.

We provide our support on the phone, online and directly to the Armed Forces Community throughout the UK. However our Veterans Camp program is primarily held in the Highlands of Scotland. This is due to the extensive landscape which in itself provides a powerful healing to those with mental health illness and affiliated symptoms.

When a member of the Armed Forces comes to us for support we actively seek to individualise the support to meet their personal needs, we work together ensuring the most appropriate support is received.

Regardless of how we help or who we help, we are with you all the way.

"Being a Military family, like many others we have seen and felt the implications of military life first hand and knowing that for many service personnel, veterans and their family, daily life can be difficult to such a degree that support can be necessary to re-build their lives after life in the armed forces.


We as founders understand the type of support required varies somewhat from intense therapy to the requirement of a simple household appliance. We don’t  believe we can take away the pain, hurt or difficulties our Armed Forces Community suffer but we can help by providing support where we can.


Irrespective of the help needed, we will do our utmost to ensure adequate and suitable support is provided to those who seek it. We want to make a difference to people lives and we will" 










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